Hello World!!

Hi!! *waves feverishly*

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kaitlyn (obviously) and I’m a 20-year-old aspiring writer. Poetry, short stories, novels, you name it. Reading and writing are my two favorite hobbies. I also enjoy listening to music, baking (especially if it’s sweet), taking photographs of nature, swimming, and watching Once Upon A Time. My favorite animal is the elephant. They’re just so fascinating to me. My favorite colors are purple, sunset pink, sky blue and emerald green.

I love to hang out with my family, especially my sister. Nine years younger than me, she’s like looking into the mirror. We love almost all of the same things, including reading and writing. Her twin brother is the complete opposite; he loves sports more. Our other brother, who’s younger than me by almost two years, is engaged and expecting his first child in June 2017. I’m excited to have a niece or nephew – they won’t know what they’re having until January 11th. I love my siblings to the moon and back and I hope they know that as they grow up and go through life. They mean everything to me.

I love fried chicken and cornbread, grape Kool-Aid, root beer floats, fruits of all kinds, hamburgers, scrambled eggs and sausage. The list could go on if I wanted it to, but I’m not going to name every single food item I love. Basically, I love food. My music taste ranges depending on what kind of mood I’m in. I try not to listen to a whole lot of today’s rap because honestly, I find most of it disgusting, repulsive, and downright degrading. I’m more of a country/pop/Disney kind of girl. And I also love Christmas music. Who am I kidding, I love all things Christmas! But I will save that for another day’s blog.

Netflix is my best friend. I can watch my favorite TV shows and movies on there, which I couldn’t do growing up because we didn’t always have Charter. I’m currently bouncing between Glee and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Both shows are on my favorite list. Other shows include Once Upon A Time, Roseanne, Full House, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and The Good Wife. My favorite classic movies are Gone with the Wind and Titanic; I’m sure there are others but these two are my absolute favorite. Other favorites include The Best of Me, The Last Song, Grease, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Camp Rock, High School Musical, From Hell, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

As I mentioned above, I love to read and write. I’m currently on Watt Pad (my username is madhattergirl29) and I’m also on Quotev.com (username is kateross14). I also have a page on Facebook called “Fantasy Fandom”, which I admin with my boyfriend. Currently, we’re working on a project called The Fanfiction Collection on Watt Pad, which is a book compiled of fan fictions written by people who submit their stories to us via email. More about that (along with updates about my other works) will be posted in another entry. Going back to reading as one of my favorite hobbies, I’m a sucker for romance novels, as well as fairy tales and fantasy. Some of my go-to books include Wicked; Gone with the Wind and its sequel, Scarlet; the Beautiful Creatures series; and The Hunger Games trilogy. I also enjoyed the Twilight series, Fifty Shades of Grey series, the Divergent series and the Stephanie Plum novels.

Growing up, I had so many dreams about what I wanted to do with my life. I still don’t know what I want to do for sure. But one day, I’d like to own my own bakery/bookshop. Since I love to read and bake, I figured it’s perfect for me to do. Or maybe instead of a bookshop, it could be a library. I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but at least I have something to work toward.

I think that’s everything I wanted to put in today’s blog. Whew, that was a long one. But that’s a pretty good introduction to me. Until next time, this is Kaitlyn signing off. ❤

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