Writing Challenge: July 8th

Question of the day: “How do you come up with a character for one of your stories?”
I guess I don’t have a very elaborate process when it comes to thinking up characters. The first thing I do is look up names, depending on if the character is a boy or a girl. I pick a first name I really like, like Autumn for my story “Discovering Autumn Wilde” or Jade for “A Heart of Gang.” Then I try to find a last name that sounds good with the first name; after that, I look at character development worksheets on Pinterest and pick the information I think is most needed for the story. Once I figure out where the story is going, I make changes as needed. For example, “Discovering Autumn Wilde” was originally the third in a series taking place in a high school. Now DAW is set during Autumn’s first year at college. That means her age, her fashion style, and her interests have all slightly changed to work within the story. The new series I’m working on focuses on my character, Penelope, who is a junior in high school. Because she’s in high school, her story is more of a teen vibe whereas Autumn’s story is more mature. This is an example of a character chart; I use the same info chart for all of my characters. This is what Penelope’s chart looks like at the moment (it’s not complete because I just started):
Name: Penelope Rose Grayson
Birthday: October 24, 1996
Age: 16, turning 17
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Jade green
Weight: 132.4 pounds
Height: 5’1″ (5’4″ with heels on)
Build: Heart shaped face, big doe eyes, curvy/hourglass shape, fit/healthy
Personal Item:
Family: *Father: Jack Grayson *Mother: Emma Grayson *Siblings: Blake Grayson, Petunia Grayson, Liam Grayson *Other: Rose Winters (grandma)
Ethnical Background:
Educational Background: currently a junior in high school
Personality Type/Traits:
Brief Life History:
Medical History:
Character’s Story:
Personal Goals:
Fears: Clowns, Heights, Being Alone
Best Friends: Brooke Mitchell & Jessica Banner
Other Fun Facts:

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