Writing Challenge: July 9th

Question of the day: “What are some of your favorite writing tips?”
I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to all things writing; there are currently 644 pins in that board that I find helpful. Some of my favorite writing tips would be:
1. Write every day – whether it’s a list, a diary entry, a poem. Just make sure you write.
2. Keep a diary or journal, but don’t just list what you did during the day. Take a moment that happened and write a brief scene. Give it color, include quotes and some dialogue. Make it tell a story.
3. Write about the thing you are most afraid to write about.
4. Try to avoid using “very” – instead of “very afraid” use “terrified.”
5. Don’t edit as you write, just write! Go back and edit after you’re done writing.
6. Use writing prompts to help your scene flow.
7. Avoid using fancy words when you write. If you don’t talk a certain way, you don’t write a certain way.
8. Research what you don’t know! Don’t try to write about something you have no clue about. Your readers will call you out for it, and it’ll make you look like an idiot. Always research before you start writing – this will lead to less distractions and your writing will not be interrupted because you have to look up some fact about volcanoes or life on Mars.

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