Writing Challenge: July 11th

Question of the day: “What Hogwarts house are you sorted in and do you agree with the sorting?”
According to Pottermore, I am a Hufflepuff! I have to say, I wasn’t that surprised when I saw that I had been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore – I had always felt some sort of connection to the house of the badger while reading the books and discovering pins on Pinterest. The more I read about Hufflepuff, the more certain I felt about being one. Of course, I had to make sure so I made a Pottermore account and wouldn’t you know, Hufflepuff indeed!
I would say I agree with the sorting because I have many traits of a Hufflepuff. I’m loyal, dedicated, hardworking, kind, patient, and tolerant. I also agree with some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest about Hufflepuffs. For instance, a pin from Pinterest that is a post from Tumblr describes Hufflepuff as the following: Hufflepuff is tea and sweaters; Hufflepuff is punching someone in the face because they need to shut up, calm down, or get the sense knocked into them; Hufflepuff is spring, seeing the winter melt away and basking in sunlight; Hufflepuff is singing loudly to Journey and Queen; Hufflepuff is having the messiest room and yet knowing exactly where to find everything; Hufflepuff is “there’s no such thing as too much chocolate”; Hufflepuff is one too many glasses of champagne so the world feels like sunshine; Hufflepuff is honestly not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks; Hufflepuff is prank wars that spiral out of control; Hufflepuff is getting shit done while everyone else argues; Hufflepuff is refusing to fit into the mold, which results in hufflepunks; Hufflepuff is staying up until 3 am to talk someone out of depression, out of suicide, out of something stupid, convincing them how amazing and how loved they are. That is what I think it really means to be a Hufflepuff, and I’m quite okay with that.
Now, I admit there was some part of me that hoped for Gryffindor, because I have some traits of a lion. I think those traits would be courage, chivalry, recklessness, and short-tempered. I also think that I have some of the traits that the Gryffindor version of the above Hufflepuff post from Tumblr/Pinterest: Gryffindor is summer, cloudless blue skies, and endless green fields; Gryffindor is adrenaline highs and truth or dare; Gryffindor is bright red lipstick and cologne that make heads turn; Gryffindor is parties that go all night; Gryffindor is fireworks exploding in the sky; Gryffindor is standing up to anyone, friend, foe or stranger, to tell them they’re wrong; Gryffindor is throwing your friend a beer and jumping in their lap to take a nap; Gryffindor is the love of horror games; Gryffindor is steak and burgers, Gryffindor is curry; Gryffindor is taking the risk, making the leap, no matter the odds; Gryffindor is raising your hand in class; Gryffindor is passionate love, whether it be romantic, platonic, or otherwise, that sees no difference in a hand picked wildflower and a diamond necklace as long as it makes the recipient happy; Gryffindor is defending, even if it’s defending someone you hate against someone you love, because Gryffindor stands up for what is right.
I’m pretty sure I also have traits of a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw, but I’ll say that for another post. For now, I’ll stick with: Yes, I am happy with being sorted into Hufflepuff. I believe that as a person, I have more of the characteristics of a Hufflepuff than the other houses. So, yes I agree with the sorting and I’m quite proud to be a Hufflepuff! Go Badgers!!!

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